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Resource Description: These are reprocessed measurements by the Engergetic Particle Detector (EPD) instrument onboard the Galileo spacecraft that orbited Jupiter and measured intensities of ion and electron radiation in the keV and MeV energy range. This set is version 31 of reprocessing and version 1.0 of PDS delivery. Data in the high resolution files include measurements that are binned into channels responding to certain energy and species ranges. The files are comma separated. Invalid entries will have -1.000000E+38 as an entry. The first 4 lines of each data text file provide information on the channels included here: The first line of each file lists the names of the channels included. The second line lists the center energies of these channels in keV. The third line lists the channels again. The forth line lists the mass of the measured particle in AMU. Zero mass refers to electrons. The forth line in the data text file labels the columns that follow in the file. The columns include times, radiation measurements, spacecraft location, instrument look direction, and some supplementary information. Radiation measurements are provided both as best calibrated and cleaned intensities as well as raw, uncorrected count rates. Columns with channel names followed by a "j" include calibrated differential intensities of the given channel. If the value is negative, it should be ignored and particularly not included in averages. For the difference between -1.000000E+38 and all other negative values, see the User Guide. Columns ending with "f" provide differential intensities based on a combination of various channels. Columns ending with "i" include calibrated integral intensities. Columns with plain channel names describe the raw uncorrected count rate. Columns ending with "bg" are raw count rates measured behind the calibration shield. Each following line will provide the same data but for different times. More information can be found in the User Guide. This file provides data with the highest available time and pitch angle resolution. Only a small set of channels is provided, limiting the energy resolution and coverage. If columns with plain channel names have -1.000000E+38 values, you might find valid values in the lower resolution files.

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
granule_uid Granule_uid Internal table row index, which must be unique within the table. Can be alphanumeric. N/A
granule_gid Granule_gid Common to granules of same type (e.g. same map projection, or geometry data products). Can be alphanumeric. N/A
obs_id Obs_id Associates granules derived from the same data (e.g. various representations/processing levels). Can be alphanumeric, may be the ID of original observation. N/A;obs
dataproduct_type Dataproduct_type The high-level organization of the data product, from a controlled vocabulary (e.g., 'im' for image, sp for spectrum). Multiple terms may be used, separated by # characters. [Note et_prod] N/A meta.code.class
target_name Target_name Standard IAU name of target (from a list related to target class), case sensitive N/A;src
target_class Target_class Type of target, from a controlled vocabulary. N/A src.class
time_min Time_min Acquisition start time (in JD), as UTC at time_refposition d time.start;obs
time_max Time_max Acquisition stop time (in JD), as UTC at time_refposition d time.end;obs
time_sampling_step_min Time_sampling_step_min Sampling time for measurements of dynamical phenomena, lower limit. s time.resolution;stat.min
time_sampling_step_max Time_sampling_step_max Sampling time for measurements of dynamical phenomena, upper limit s time.resolution;stat.max
time_exp_min Time_exp_min Integration time of the measurement, lower limit. s time.duration;obs.exposure;stat.min
time_exp_max Time_exp_max Integration time of the measurement, upper limit s time.duration;obs.exposure;stat.max
spectral_range_min Spectral_range_min Spectral range (frequency), lower limit. Hz em.freq;stat.min
spectral_range_max Spectral_range_max Spectral range (frequency), upper limit Hz em.freq;stat.max
spectral_sampling_step_min Spectral_sampling_step_min Spectral sampling step, lower limit. Hz em.freq;spect.binSize;stat.min
spectral_sampling_step_max Spectral_sampling_step_max Spectral sampling step, upper limit Hz em.freq;spect.binSize;stat.max
spectral_resolution_min Spectral_resolution_min Spectral resolution, lower limit. N/A spect.resolution;stat.min
spectral_resolution_max Spectral_resolution_max Spectral resolution, upper limit N/A spect.resolution;stat.max
c1min C1min (This data collection does not give coordinates) N/A N/A
c1max C1max (This data collection does not give coordinates) N/A N/A
c2min C2min (This data collection does not give coordinates) N/A N/A
c2max C2max (This data collection does not give coordinates) N/A N/A
c3min C3min (This data collection does not give coordinates) N/A N/A
c3max C3max (This data collection does not give coordinates) N/A N/A
s_region S_region ObsCore-like footprint, valid for celestial, spherical, or body-fixed frames N/A pos.outline;obs.field
c1_resol_min C1_resol_min (This data collection does not give coordinates) N/A N/A
c1_resol_max C1_resol_max (This data collection does not give coordinates) N/A N/A
c2_resol_min C2_resol_min (This data collection does not give coordinates) N/A N/A
c2_resol_max C2_resol_max (This data collection does not give coordinates) N/A N/A
c3_resol_min C3_resol_min (This data collection does not give coordinates) N/A N/A
c3_resol_max C3_resol_max (This data collection does not give coordinates) N/A N/A
spatial_frame_type Spatial_frame_type Flavor of coordinate system, defines the nature of coordinates. From a controlled vocabulary, where 'none' means undefined. N/A meta.code.class;pos.frame
incidence_min Incidence_min Incidence angle (solar zenithal angle) during data acquisition, lower limit. deg pos.incidenceAng;stat.min
incidence_max Incidence_max Incidence angle (solar zenithal angle) during data acquisition, upper limit deg pos.incidenceAng;stat.max
emergence_min Emergence_min Emergence angle during data acquisition, lower limit. deg pos.emergenceAng;stat.min
emergence_max Emergence_max Emergence angle during data acquisition, upper limit deg pos.emergenceAng;stat.max
phase_min Phase_min Phase angle during data acquisition, lower limit. deg pos.phaseAng;stat.min
phase_max Phase_max Phase angle during data acquisition, upper limit deg pos.phaseAng;stat.max
instrument_host_name Instrument_host_name Standard name of the observatory or spacecraft N/A;instr.obsty
instrument_name Instrument_name Standard name of instrument N/A;instr
measurement_type Measurement_type UCD(s) defining the data, with multiple entries separated by hash (#) characters. N/A meta.ucd
processing_level Processing_level Dataset-related encoding, or simplified CODMAC calibration level [Note et_cal] N/A meta.calibLevel
creation_date Creation_date Date of first entry of this granule N/A time.creation
modification_date Modification_date Date of last modification (used to handle mirroring) N/A time.processing
release_date Release_date Start of public access period N/A time.release
service_title Service_title Title of resource (an acronym really, will be used to handle multiservice results) N/A meta.title
time_scale Time_scale Defaults to UTC in data services; takes values from otherwise N/A time.scale
publisher Publisher A short string identifying the entity running the data service used N/A meta.curation
bib_reference Bib_reference Bibcode or DOI preferred if available, or other bibliographic identifier or URL N/A meta.bib
access_url Access_url URL of the data file, case sensitive. If present, then access_format and access_estsize are mandatory. N/A meta.ref.url;meta.file
access_estsize Access_estsize Estimated file size in kbyte. kbyte phys.size;meta.file
access_format Access_format File format type (RFC 6838 Media Type a.k.a. MIME type) N/A meta.code.mime
datalink_url Datalink_url Datalinks and services for this object N/A meta.ref.url

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